The roots of our small, family winery go back to the early 1960s, when under the communist system, my grandfather planted our first vineyards.  Since that time, we have come a long way, and our focus now is on releasing high quality, biodynamic wines from small parcels of premium fruit after long and careful ageing in our cellar, located immediately behind our vineyard.


Situated on the 49th parallel, at the very limit of where grapes can be grown in Central Europe, in the south-eastern corner of the Czech Republic, we enjoy a cool climate viticulture with big differences between day and night time temperatures.  Under these conditions, our wines have excellent aromatic expression along with mouth-watering acidity and freshness.



Our vineyards are carefully tended by hand and biodynamic principles are implemented to produce grapes of the highest possible quality that express the terroir of our microclimate. The use of herbal teas and specially prepared composts and manures enables us to avoid using any synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.  Yields are carefully controlled to around 1.3 kg/vine in order to achieve the intensity and concentration of aromas and flavours that we are looking for.


  2015 Pinot Noir Barrel Selection

Bright, pale ruby colored, the bouquet expresses a subtle perfume of roses, violets along with cherries and with hints of earthy and woody tones. On the palate, the lightness and elegance of the flavours are impressive. The red berry fruits are complemented by harmonious oak influence and a long, clean, refreshing finish. This a Pinot Noir that continues to command your attention as it evolves in the glass. To experience all the nuances in this wine and to remove any harmless sediment that may develop with time, please decant before serving at 16 - 18 degrees celsius. This Pinot Noir will reach its peak after 5 - 7 years and can be drunk with a wide range of dishes, including duck and game meat dishes.

2015 Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Selection

Only the cream of the crop makes it into this barrel selected wine. The brilliant, mid-yellow colour is the prologue to a powerful yet elegant bouquet of tropical fruits, nuts, cream with just a hint of herbs. On the palate, this full-bodied wine displays both roundness and intensity with a wonderfully vibrant and crisp finish.

2014 Blanc de Noirs

A bright, pale rose-gold colour, with creamy mousse and fine bead. The bouquet combines subtle green apple and pronounced yeasty, biscuity aromas. On the palate, there are bright, fresh flavours with a creamy texture and crisp bone-dry finish that lasts and lasts.

2016 Blanc de Noirs

Brilliant pale rose gold in colour, the bouquet shows lifted red berry aromas and hints of forest fruits on the nose, while the palate features intense red and black cherry flavours along with mouth-watering freshness and liveliness, followed by a long, clean finish. The Blanc de Noir style showcases the flavours normally associated with a red wine because it is a white wine made from red grapes. This wine will suit a wide range of foods thanks to its balanced, crisp acidity. Try it with a goat cheese salad, a variety of light pasta, poultry and fish dishes and even mildly spicy, Asian-inspired cuisine. Best served chilled and drunk within 2 years of production.




2016 Sauvignon Blanc

Bright yellow with tinges of green, on the nose this wine expresses a range of aromas including yellow melon and peach with hints of herbal tones and very subtle vanilla and nutty nuances from carefully integrated maturation in large oak casks. This medium-bodied wine showcases the Moravia wine region of the Czech Republic to perfection. It shows exquisite balance of fully ripe grapes with just a touch of oak to give it a softer, rounder structure and added complexity, followed by a long, refreshing finish thanks to  the mouth-watering acidity. This wine can be enjoyed on its own and with a wide spectrum of dishes including creamy pasta dishes, cheese-filled risottos and even roasted poultry and meat dishes. For best results, serve slightly chilled. This wine will reward cellaring for up to 5 years after production.


2015 Reisling

Brilliant lemon-green in colour, the nose expresses a pronounced bouquet of grapefruit and jasmin, with just a hint of orange zest, that simply jumps out of the glass. This wine is a perfect representation of what the Moravia region of the Czech Republic is capable of. Racy, mouth-watering acidity gives freshness and liveliness to this elegantly structured wine which has a fantastically long after-taste. Riesling is considered one of the most versatile wines for food pairing. Ideal on its own or with oysters and other shellfish, along with a host of salads, savoury crepes, quiches and light pasta dishes. To get the most out of this wine, please serve chilled. This outstanding vintage will reward cellaring for up to 7 years.

2016 Pinot Gris

Bright, mid-yellow, the nose combines the freshness of white flowers and stone fruit with complex nuttiness and vanilla from fermenting and aging 40% of the wine in new and used oak barrels. The richness of this wine is capped off with mouth-watering acidity that gives this wine an impressively long and lively finish.

2016 Pinot Noir

Mid ruby, the bouquet shows intense cherry and raspberry fruits along with hints of violets and thyme. The palate combines intense fruitiness with balanced and silky tannins and a refreshing, mouth-watering finish.

2014 Cuvée Bernety

Bright, mid-ruby red, this wine shows plenty of plum and dried plum depth with a touch of Provençal herbs. On the palate, the wine's pronounced red cherry fruit, bacidity and silky tannins combine to give a long, mouth-watering finish.

2015 Zweigel/Pinot 35/65

Bright, pale ruby in colour, this elegant, light-bodied red wine combines the aromatic intensity and freshness of a rosé with the soft, fruity tannins from the internationally famous variety, Pinot Noir, and the cherry, earthy and spicy characters from one of Central Europe's most decorated varieties, Zweigelt. The hallmark of this wine is the lively, juicy acidity, which gives the wine both freshness and a long finish. It is ideally suited for white wine drinkers who wish to try a dash of red. For warmer weather, this wine can be served slightly chilled and is best drunk within 2 years of purchase. Pair this wine with intensely flavoured fish dishes as well as duck, goose and game meats.

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This page was co created with Mike Mazey, author of WineWords, the "wine english" textbook.