A well (g)rounded
family winery
01 Our wine

and self-confident

Healthy grapes, their own native yeast and then just a lot of time and attention to detail during the elevage in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks. From light cuvées and bubbles to Barrel Selections, our wine is made as naturally as possible

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02 Vineyards and Winery

You can’t have one
without the other

Vineyards need a winery to create wine
A winery needs vineyards to be worthy of its name
And wine needs them both, working in unity.

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03 About us

family winery

Connected with the soil, gazing up towards the stars:
Krásná Hora is the culmination of one family’s long wine
story. A story that’s full of surprises but always authentic.

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We’re happy to welcome you in our
sleepy hollow! Please just let us know

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