Our wine



Quite the characters! Independent and experimental while sharing the same respect to nature and low-intervention approach as the rest of our range.


Our own take on the classical wine grapes. Maximal terroir, minimal interventions.


The best barrels of the given harvest. We don’t project ourselves into these wines: instead, we let the varieties, clones and vineyard sites speak with the purest voice they were capable of that year. Just grapes, top-notch barrels and the character of the vintage; the result is layered wines with great aging potential.

On inspiration and setting the bars high

Ever since our decision to become professional winemakers, we’ve been visiting European wineries as much as possible

The first steps naturally led to Burgundy, our grandpa’s dreamland; but also to Alsace, Tuscany, Piedmont and above all to Austria, practically our next-door-neighbor. The inspiration was so strong that it seemed to set us so far apart from the Moravian mainstream that we started to present our wines as European rather than Moravian.

Food, wine’s best friend

We gained more inspiration from star chefs than from winemakers, when we went to them to learn and explore what was possible in the culinary realm. Our friend Michal Göth, a master of a chef, certainly influenced us the most and keeps on setting our bar higher and higher… Today, we certainly visit more interesting food places around the world than wineries; we’re convinced that wine is an integral part of the culinary world, and we’re beyond proud that Krásná Hora is part of it too.

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